Munnar Things to do

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Come across places that have gardens, trees or even plants. The song of birds, their evening gatherings, the breeze that sways trees and the winds that blow your mind away…it’s all nature and beauty divine. Nature is everywhere in parks, forests and mountains. Come across places that have gardens, trees or even plants. Relish their serenity in Munnar Nature Zone Resort. It is committed to preserve the ecological environment. Well manicured lawns with multi colored blooms, a kitchen garden laid out on the slopes growing veggies and fruits. A place good for Ecotourism also. Munnar things to do

Munnar things to do

Resort provides activities Rock climbing, Jummaring, Rappling, Nature walks, Birding, Trekking, Mountain biking, Jeep safari, Tent camping and Campfire facilities. Can turn on the adventurer in you by choosing from an array of adventure sports that range from rock climbing, rappelling and even cycling. Munnar is even more exciting for such activities due to its natural beauty.

Best things to buy from Munnar are tea, coffee, spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pepper and home made chocolates. There are lot of wholesalers . But they sells to visitors also. Available for Cheaper price things like aloe vera gel, tea, green tea, home made chocolates, coffee, cashewnuts and for spices.